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The 2016 Odds: Rick Perry

Tim Constantine takes a look at the presidential candidates for 2016. Today, it's Governor Rick Perry.

L: TODD WOOD: An American century (despite Obama, Russia and China)

The rumors of America's death have been greatly exaggerated.

Yes, our debt is out of control. The redistribution of wealth under President Obama has been staggering. His policies of government overreach and abuse of power to push the Leftist agenda has been extremely damaging to the United States. Our national ...

DREW JOHNSON: Pit bull bans kill family pets without improving public safety

Some of man's best friends have been turned into public enemy No. 1 thanks to some bad PR and a laundry list of unreasonable regulations by elected officials.

Over the last 30 years, pit bulls have been vilified in the United States. Following a few high-profile attacks on other dogs ...

STEVE DEACE: Donald Trump not ruining the Republican brand, the GOP is

In 2014, GOP officials in New York State put forth a full-court press to convince Donald Trump to run for governor. That seems like an eternity ago now, because today the same GOP loathes Mr. Trump so much as a presidential candidate he might as well change his name to ...

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