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W. Scott Lamb: 5 religion stories worth your time

(1) Why Is Kim Davis's Hair So Long?  (Washington Post)

This subtitle of this article should be: "Leading U.S. newspapers still treat major swaths of U.S. citizenry as though they just landed from Mars. And no, we don't mean Matt Damon."

Speaking of alien invasion. The ...

TIM CONSTANTINE: Kevin McCarthy, House GOP's likely leader, throws Hillary a lifeline

For the better part of the last two years, the experts, pundits and Washington insiders have proclaimed that Hillary Rodham Clinton was the inevitable 2016 presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. She would sweep to an historic victory with overwhelming support from women, we were told, and continue the left-leaning ...

Late Edition with Tim Constantine (October 02, 2015)

Tim Constantine reports on Dr. Ben Carson's comments on gun control, Hillary Clinton taking on Donald Trump, and Alec Baldwin calling outHillary Clinton and Donald Trump as warmongers.

L. TODD WOOD: The communists among us

OK, watch out! Incoming! I'm going to let them have it, full bore. Having just spent a month in the former Soviet Union, specifically Russia and Ukraine, I'm going to say some things that many Americans won't want to hear. But these things need to be said.

As the old ...

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