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BRUCE FEIN: Neo-con stupidity

Stupidity, thy name is neo-cons.

Their trademark is to hallucinate about "moderate forces" from South Asia to the Sahel; and, to urge the United States to partner with them to defeat extremism and spread democracy, the rule of law and secularism throughout the solar system. Exemplary is Fred Hiatt's column ...

FRANK GAFFNEY: Obama's 'Big Lie' on Iran

Totalitarians have long employed "the Big Lie" to obscure reality and mislead their publics. They just repeat a falsehood often and authoritatively enough, and most people will eventually come to believe it's true.

President Obama has lately been trying his hand at it with respect to Iran. He insists that ...

NICK NOVAK: School Choice Week: a reminder we need more options

One of the biggest choices I had to make as a young child was figuring out what bike I wanted for my eighth birthday. Up to that point, I largely had hand-me-downs from my older brother. As he grew too big for his bike, he would get a new one ...

CHRISTINE O'DONNELL: Obama's perpetual campaigning raises questions

President Obama seems to be in perpetual campaign mode, using the State of the Union to pitch an unrealistic utopia in which the rich are taxed into poverty, and everyone else gets everything else for free. Now that this annual speech is becoming a distant memory, the focus is shifting ...

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