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NICK NOVAK: Medicare, Medicaid in need of major reforms after 50 years

On July 30, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed a bill into law that created the federal Medicare and Medicaid programs. While both started with good intent, the past 50 years have left the American public with two massive entitlements that are in dire need of reform.

Let's start out with the obvious. ...

JUDSON PHILLIPS: The great Republican train wreck

It is hard to say who had a worse week, Cecil the Zimbabwe lion that was lured from his refuge and slaughtered or the Senate Republican leadership. Cecil was only shot, skinned and beheaded. The Senate Republican leadership should have been so lucky.

The Senate leadership, if any entity led ...

Rusty Humphries with Greg Gutfeld and David Spade

On this briefing, Rusty talks to two of America’s favorite funnymen, Greg Gutfeld and David Spade.

The 2016 Odds: Chris Christie

Tim Constantine takes a look at the 2016 Presidential field and gives his odds for each candidate on becoming their party's nominee. Here's Governor Chris Christie.

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