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Prince, Dick Gregory on Chemtrails & Manganese

Tavis Smiley's guest Prince talks about chemtrails, Obama.

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FRANK GAFFNEY: Al Qaeda members list recalls inter-connectedness of jihad


JustSecurity reports that federal prosecutors have unveiled an Al Qaeda "members list" in the trial of Khaled al-Fawwaz, an al Qaeda facilitator who dealt with the media, helping to facilitate fatwas, and arrange interviews, including the famous Osama bin Laden interview with Peter Arnett. The list has been in ...

JUDSON PHILLIPS: Loretta Lynch and the GOP surrender caucus

The Republican Party is once again trading its elephant logo for the new symbol of the Republican Party. That symbol is the freshly laundered white flag of surrender.

The Republican Party should be standing up against the nomination of Loretta Lynch for attorney general.

It is are not.

The best ...

FRANK GAFFNEY: Gen. Dempsey's Saudiphilic essay contest

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is the senior officer in the U.S. military and an adviser to the Commander-in-Chief. The current Chairman, General Martin Dempsey, however, has turned the position into one of chief uniformed cheerleader for and enabler of President Obama's disastrous national security policies.

For ...

ERNEST ISTOOK: Super Bowl is a too-rare moment that unites America

We have too few things that Americans enjoy together. The Super Bowl is a too-rare occasion that unites us.

On other days, we are overwhelmed by divisions.

Conservatives oppose liberals; even moderates get accused of not having enough principles.

Racial divisions have gotten worse.

Income inequality is a hot topic.


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