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This is a story about transition. When one isn't in love anymore, there is a part of the transition where you feel no pain you are sure of your decision and ...

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LAWRENCE J. FEDEWA: Bernie, the prophet

The Old Testament portrays the role of the prophet as one called by God to preach repentance and redemption, first by to pointing out mercilessly the failings of the People of God.

The role Sen. Bernard Sanders is playing in our time bears some resemblance to that of the ancient ...

BRUCE FEIN: Hillary Clinton yearns to be a mendicant priest

Hillary Clinton yearns to be a mendicant priest.

She covets a mega-austere existence that betters the instruction of Diogenes.

She needs a substantial palimony reserve in anticipation of future claims against Bill.

These are the fables that Hillary Clinton hopes will be extrapolated from her response to CNN host Anderson ...

JENNY BETH MARTIN: Seven years later, Washington still doesn't understand the Tea Party

Almost seven years after the birth of the Tea Party, it's clear that official Washington still doesn't understand what led to the birth and growth of the movement. Given that the latest Gallup poll indicates that roughly 50 million Americans consider themselves supporters of the movement, that's a rather shocking ...

RENEE GARFINKEL: Why do we want our president to be religious?

The worst liability for a U.S. presidential candidate is atheism.

A new Pew Research Center survey finds that fully half of Americans say they would be less likely to vote for a hypothetical presidential candidate who does not believe in God. They are more likely to vote for an adulterer, ...

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