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NEWT GINGRICH: Cruz, Trump, Ryan: The Unimagined Week

No one imagined three days ago that a month would disappear from the campaign calendar.

The morning of the Indiana primary virtually everyone assumed there would be a fight for the GOP nomination at least to June 7, when California, New Jersey and several other states vote.

Many thought the ...

L. TODD WOOD: Hillary Clinton's #NeverTrump a Kremlin tactic


A year ago it was revealed, through an unauthorized leak from a former employee, that the Kremlin had set up a shadowy business arrangement through which an army of trolls countered adverse information and spread the regime's propaganda via social media worldwide. The effort was particularly focused on the ...

NEWT GINGRICH: What they never understood about Donald Trump

In winning the Republican nomination on Tuesday night, Donald Trump accomplished something that virtually no one believed possible when he entered the race nearly one year ago, on June 16, 2015.

It is striking that intelligent, seasoned observers failed completely to grasp what they were witnessing, even as Trump shot ...

JENNY BETH MARTIN: The Left hits the panic button

Note to the Left: When it comes to the battle over the Supreme Court vacancy, don't be listening to The Rolling Stones, because time is most definitely not on your side.

Now that oral arguments before the Supreme Court have wrapped up for this term, liberals find themselves in an ...

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