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JUDSON PHILLIPS: The Tea Party at 6: Where do we go from here?

On Tax Day 2009, millions of Americans took to the streets in what was the largest of the Tea Party rallies. Huge rallies were held in Atlanta, San Antonio and Nashville, just to name a few places.

The Tea Party movement sprang into existence in February 2009. The spark was ...

BRUCE FEIN: Open Skies pacts benefit American travelers

Competition in international air travel is flourishing under the aegis of more than 100 Open Skies Agreements.

American consumers are benefiting from the enhanced competitiveness through lower prices, newer aircraft, faster connections and improved customer service valued at $4 billion. The U.S. State Department elaborates: "[The Agreements] eliminate government interference ...

TIM CONSTANTINE: 'Make Sharpton Pay His Taxes Fast'

Now YOU can help force Al Sharpton to pay his back taxes
Attorney General Eric Holder announced last fall that after six years of serving the whims of President Obama rather than as the representative of the American public and rule of law, he would step down. He promised to ...

L. TODD WOOD: Putin's end game

From the beginning of Vladimir Putin's reign, the West has been slow to recognize or admit the Russian president's long-term intentions. Western leaders have underestimated him willingly at every turn. This is not due to Mr. Putin's political skill but is a historical flaw in the Western psyche that repeats ...

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