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At 11:28pm on January 8, 2012, Jennifer Anderson said…

Howdy Howdy! Nice place you've got here - and that pumpkin picture above is hilarious.

At 7:21am on December 14, 2011, Matt Harrington said…

Hey Shirley,  Thanks for allowing me to join the family. As you might already know I am the campaign director for Frederick Collins who is running for Congress in the 1st District, against Bobby Rush.  Check them out and pass them around to your friends and family members.

Cheers, Matt Harrington

Collins for Congress 2012 New Hip-Hop Spot on 92.3 FM

Collins for Congress 2012 Full 2 minute Hip-Hop spot

At 8:21pm on January 24, 2011, Ken and Brenda Battle Jordan said…

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At 8:50pm on December 3, 2010, Ken and Brenda Battle Jordan said…
At 6:06am on July 3, 2010, Ken and Brenda Battle Jordan said…

At 11:47am on June 21, 2010, We Will Remember in November! said…
Hi Shirley!

I saw your video on Alfonzo's wall. thought I have to join HER group! By the way I am Robbin Patriot on FB :)
At 11:02pm on April 30, 2010, Luis Montoya said…
Thanks Shirley for the info! I have signed up and created my first blog. Stay tuned!
At 8:32pm on April 30, 2010, Juliette Akinyi Ochieng said…
Hi Shirley! I sure will.
At 11:54am on December 22, 2009, Ken and Brenda Battle Jordan said…
Thank you for your friendship,and for including my husband and I in your wonderful circle of friends, Ken and Brenda Battle Jordan.
At 7:22am on November 29, 2009, Cory joe said…
I like this site. pretty cool to have like minded people in your corner!
At 4:01am on November 15, 2009, Leslie A."Bronx Bebe" Falu' said…
Hi Shirley, I tried telling Dani on Friday that it wasn't I who wrote the blog. It belongs to a member of the Latino community on their blog site from another writer. I even went on OoVoo to correct it live with you but theye didn't put me on. I'm sorry about the confusion but if you still would like the article please let me know. I do find the Capitalism issue very interesting especially if it deals with history.
Like I've said many times, we may have different views but I enjoy you for you.
PS - Did you forget I'm on EST Ms Owl?, LOL.. makes you special for me to wake up&answer email on my cell from you..
At 6:22am on November 11, 2009, Kenneth Flowe said…
Dear Shirly,

Do you have a filter on your page? I just sent you a long heat felt note but cannot see it. Its like the guy in the song. I don think that I can take it, cause it took so long to make it, and I'll never have the recipt again.
At 6:10am on November 11, 2009, Kenneth Flowe said…
Dear Shirley,

First let me say you are a fine, fine-fine-fine, soul sister. I am happy to be on your team and I want the world to know! Next let me just tell you of a sitsheation that is going on here in the deep deep south! Brothers and sister, and I do mean black, white, red, yellow and brown are getting beat like there is not tomorrow. And do you know where it is happening? In the schools, and do you know who is doing it? Its the teachers yawl. Thats right. In 17 states little bad ass kids are getting beat because the system allows it. Now, what do we know about bad kids that get beat? Thats right, they grow up to beat! And what do we know about kids? There are no bad ones! So that means good kids are being beat because bad adults think they are bad and those good kids grow up to beat those who are thought of as good kids today. They beat there kids, there wifes, and they beat the system which lands them in, that right, jail! And some of the good teachers that beat the bad kids are also beating the good teenage girls just because they look so good. Did you know that if you were my student and I was your teacher I would beat your ass if we were in GA because as I said when we started this conversation: you are a fine, fine-fine-fine, soul sister. So now, now that you have this information, and with information comes responsibility, Did I spell that rigth? The question is "What You Gonna Do With It"? I know you cannot just sit there in that hot sweaty set, talking about action that must be taken knowing that if you were in a GA high school you would be getting your butt beat just becuase as I said: you are a fine, fine-fine-fine, soul sister. Call me! 703-473-4128 ;-)
At 2:32am on November 11, 2009, Diane Lenning said…
Shirley, You are the "bomb!" I hope you know that's a compliment! lol!
At 2:28am on November 11, 2009, Diane Lenning said…
Shirley, You and your team continue to speak to issues that the media won't touch! Great job of stirring interest in political issues and views. As a history teacher, it is very interesting to me to listen to all your views and watch you "liven up" the discussions in the political arena! Education is the great equalizer, and capitalism is everyone's opportunity to pursue your American Dream as you learn to access the "free market" enterprise system, available to all. I hope someday I can share my views about these issues with you!
Diane ;-)
At 1:26am on October 15, 2009, Dominique DaMon Block said…
Thanks for the welocme Shirley! I look forward to working with you to help make the GOP better.
At 12:01pm on October 12, 2009, G1 Recordings said…
At 4:19pm on October 8, 2009, Shirley Husar said…
I'm a republican because..America has prospered under the two-party system because one party has always served to check the excesses of the other. Often, both parties agree on the problems, less often do they agree on the solutions. The root of most of their differences is perspective. Republicans believe in solutions, which are decided upon and implemented by the people themselves, through their locally elected representatives. Republicans believe that the solution to American's problems lies in the greatness of the American people. With its message of economic growth and opportunity, the GOP is the natural champion of blacks, minorities, women and ethnic Americans. Republican Party of California and nationwide who are outraged at how some people at the party's rallies are allowing racism to creep into the minds of the people. Some are using old racist methods in an attempt at healing new economic wounds. As this presidential leadership unfolds, we see the true "colors" of some of the American people. As bad as it may get, all Republicans do not think this way. I urge Republicans and officials at all levels to extend to minority Americans everywhere the historic invitation for full participation in our party. Since its inception, the Republican Party has stood for the worth of every person. On that ground, I 'm a Republican because I support the pluralism and diversity that have been part of our country's greatness.
At 4:48pm on October 7, 2009, Rich said…
Shirley its Richard


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