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Gubmint and How Gubmint Works

I received this email recently and shared it with some friends and thought it would be a good post in my blog.  I thought you might appreciate it. I can't take credit for this email but I sure wish everyone would take a second to consider this below. 


Those that encourage growth of the government, government jobs, and the higher taxes that jointly come with it... do NOT understand what…


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NINA RADCLIFF: Dietary guidelines: New highlights and why

Every five years, a Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, comprised of nationally recognized experts in nutrition, medical and public health, review what Americans age 2+ should be eating. They review and delve deep into the new science and key understandings in order to make recommendations for great health. After a public ...

Rusty Humphries talks with Dr. Jerome Corsi


Now you can buy websites, videos, songs and jingles online for only $5, Rusty tries ‘em out to see if they are any good. Dr. Jerome Corsi from discusses Iran, The Obama Nation 2 and the French suicide flight. ...

NINA RADCLIFF: Colon screenings could be lifesavers

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear fif-teeeee
Now it's time for a colonosco-peeeee

While not quite a Hallmark moment, my point is that a colonoscopy may be a gift that could save your life or the life of someone you love. March is Colorectal Cancer ...

ERNEST ISTOOK: Tracking our driving, Big Brother takes the wheel

Modern technology has given Big Brother a growth spurt; he's now bigger than ever. And he's added Big Data as a key member of Uncle Sam's family.

Every day government bureaucracies, just like our intelligence agencies, tap into our information with little restriction from Congress. A "Digital Bill of Privacy ...

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