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Money Makes the World Go Around~~~

What is your money looking like today? Are you one of the millions of American who receive part of the white elephant money. President Obama tries to get Republicans on board as he addresses a summit on healthcare reform. .

Posted: Feb. 26, 2010

Time to put politics on health care aside…


Added by Shirley Husar on February 26, 2010 at 9:30am — No Comments

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Rusty Humphries Prepares for Israel

Rusty talks about the upcoming broadcasts from Israel. What is the draw of YouTubers to the teenage generation? 

STEVE DEACE: @#$! Progressives say: What our wannabe rulers really mean

@#$! Progressives say: What our wannabe rulers really mean
America is cascading toward nirvana, now that progressives of various stripes have taken over the leadership of both major political parties and most cultural institutions as well.
However, our progressive patriarchs often speak in a tongue we mere mortals ...

FRANK GAFFNEY: Memo to Hillary Clinton: Fuggedaboutit

Hillary Clinton was not much of a New Yorker, even though she got to play one in the Senate for a time. Even she must be familiar, however, with a classic New York phrase: Fuggedaboutit.

That’s what Mrs. Clinton should do about her underwhelming campaign for the presidency. If she ...

RITA COOK: A refined ride with old world luxury on the 2015 Jaguar XJ, XJL

I can never wait to get behind the wheel of a Jaguar, any Jaguar because over the years I have learned that a Jaguar just tends to drive itself. All I have to do is sit back and look good. When they picked it up from me after one week ...

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