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3 faith stories for your Wednesday

(1) Memorial to Emmett Till blasted with bullets — but sign marking killer’s home adorned with flowers

***I really hate to see this. Some might foolishly say, "It’s just a sign." But the tragic story behind the sign should be something that everyone can weep over, and bullet ...

Concussions, head injuries: What we all need to know

Head injuries and concussions continue to ignite a fire storm among the public -- and for good reason. High school athletes sustain an estimated 300,000 concussions per year and, recently, National Football League Commissioner, Roger Goodell announced an initiative intended to increase the safety of the game, specifically by preventing, ...

Presidential election: What if no one won?

What if they held an election and no one won? Not possible you say? Think again.

By the time the final ballot is counted on November 8th in the US Presidential election, it will have been more than 18 months since the process formally began and more than $2 Billion ...

3 faith stories for your Tuesday

(1) Paul Kengor: Hillary and abortion

***Don’t miss this one. Kengor always provides great historical material, and this one is no exception.

When asked in the last presidential debate what she wanted in a Supreme Court justice, Hillary Clinton did not hesitate to go to abortion. “I ...

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