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JANICE SHAW CROUSE: Perceptions vs. facts: Who cares about the middle class?

In a new national survey, the Pew Research Center reports an ironic public perception: Democrats are viewed, in general, more favorably than Republicans, while the same survey indicates that the public agrees more with the Republicans on certain particular issues (including, according to the Pew media release, "double-digit leads over ...

BETHANY BLANKLEY: The Supreme Court and pastors on marriage

"Why are we scared today preachers? Everybody's coming out of the closet but the saints." – Alabama Pastor Cedric Hatcher

Pastor Cedric Hatcher recently expressed his bewilderment over the "normalization" of same-sex marriage at a recent Birmingham City Council meeting. Watch the video.

He asked, "Why are citizens ...

FRANK GAFFNEY: Meet the global jihad

Welcome to the global jihad.

The Islamic State executioner heretofore dubbed "Jihadi John" turns out to be a Kuwaiti national who grew up in Britain in a well-off family, got a good education there and became a computer scientist. He fought in Africa with al Shabab before signing on with ...

Rusty Humphries at CPAC 2015

CPAC 2015 is underway and Rusty Humphries is there.  Hear some of the fun from radio row!

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