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Last updated by Shirley Husar Jan 14, 2012.


STEVE DEACE: Conservative movement finally steps up

A long-overdue army is finally gathering. Let's pray it's not too late.

Its membership marches under the banner that "courts don't make law," but some of the highest ranks of this righteous army nonetheless understands a fundamental problem with its creed. As with so many other American ideals, their profound ...

LISTEN: Rusty Humphries on Columbus Day

On this podcast, Rusty talks about why Columbus Day should be saved and why Columbus’ legacy should be honored.

WATCH: Spike Missile Launch

Watch the launch and impact of a Spike Missile from an undisclosed location.  Video courtesy of NATO TV.

Late Edition with Tim Constantine (October 12, 2015)

Tim Constantine reports on a boost for Ted Cruz, bad news for Social Security recipients, and the loss of a Secret Service hero. 

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