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VIDEO: Newt Gingrich on the 2016 presidential race

Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich is asked: How do Republicans beat Hillary Clinton in 2016?

JUDSON PHILLIPS: Numbers don't lie. Politicians do.

At the end of the day, politics is a numbers game and it is a very simple equation. Who has enough votes to win?

Politicians, news agencies and pundits spend a lot of money and time analyzing data to tell everyone before the election who is going to win. The ...

NEWT GINGRICH: Liberal hysteria and the growing populist rebellion

Hillary Rodham Clinton compares Republicans to terrorists. 

Jorge Ramos says being temporarily ejected from a press conference is worse than the Cuban dictatorship.

Mrs. Clinton suggests Donald Trump's immigration plan resembles Nazi Germany. (Marc Thiessen's rebuttal is worth reading.) 

Two columnists write about the coming death of the Republican ...

Late Edition with Tim Constantine (September 01, 2015)

Tim Constantine reports on the latest Hillary Clinton email release, a ruling for March for Life, and the death of an iconic film director. 

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