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Maxine Waters must go

The GOP leaves Maxine Waters alone and appeases urban Black Democratic leaders. That's the gutless policy of losers.Photo: Associated Press

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LOS ANGELES, December 20, 2011 — One of the most corrupt Congresswomen in the history of America is just getting started on her reign of corruption at the age of 73. She has been serving in office since 1976, and according to Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), Maxine Waters has made its list of corrupt members of Congress in its 2005, 2006, 2009 and 2011.

Waters is now in line to take over from Barney Frank as head of the House Financial Services Committee, thus taking control of the outcome of financial services legislation for the people of California, and the entire United States of America. Where is the Tea Party Movement stance against Waters? Are there any plans to run a strong, long-time urban leader, a Republican leader, against her? Then again, why would they do that? That would cost money.

The Tea Party Movement is far too afraid of Urban Black politicians, far too intimidated to go after Madd Max,as they call her in her own district.

"Go straight to Hell, Tea Party Movement," Maxine Waters shouts. “I’m not afraid of anybody,” she said at the summit in Inglewood, Calif. “This is a tough game. You can’t be intimidated. You can’t be frightened." She taunted on yet another occasion, "And as far as I’m concerned, the ‘tea party’ can go straight to Hell.”

There you have it. Stay away from 35th District. Maxine Waters is GOD and you can not touch her.

Why should the GOP be afraid of Maxine Waters? Well for starters,  she is a cause of the GOP not being able to win the presidency every four years. In California's 35th District and the surrounding districts, by not running a strong young Republican or Tea Party candidates, the GOP is conceding important ground. The Republican National Committee, the Tea Party, and the California Republican Party all have failed to understand the importance of Los Angeles County and its districts. Now is the time to get these districts on their side. Winning these districts - or at least being competitive in them - is a political course that needs to be explored if the GOP ever wants to be relevant in California again.

This in-house strategy has served the Democrats well. Republicans have been giving Democrats in these areas a free pass because of 30 years of fright and intimidation. We might as well call the 35th "Area 51," "don't ask don't tell." California Republicans have focused on Orange County and other safe GOP areas, while the urban areas such as Districts 35, 36, 37, 33 and 39 are ignored. In this 21st century, as the GOP seeks to increase minority membership, it only pays lip device to making itself attractive to small businessman and women in these districts. But talk is cheap, and there is no plan to go after the 35th.

That's sad. Maxine Waters clearly has no plans to retire, to pass the baton, or even to mentor another Democrat for the position. Area 51 stays under Mad Maxx's control. This is why urban Republicans have become disgruntled with the RNC, with the Tea Party, and with the California Republicans. None have any plan to get Madd Max out of office. Frankly, they are clueless at this one. At this rate, Waters will die in office before anyone seriously attempts to defeat her. How is this possibly for the good of the people? 

Waters is the most senior of the 12 black women currently serving in the United States Congress, and is a member and former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, a group full of unchallenged Congressional leaders of urban districts, other "Area 51s" all throughout the United States of America. It's funny: Here we have the Tea Party, the CRP and RNC all wanting our time, talent, and treasure; and yet how much of their resources have been used towards getting these antiquated mummies out of office? None! Don't ask, don't tell is alive and well in South Central Los Angeles.

Waters stays in office because no one, not the GOP, not the Tea Party, no one, will even fight. The RNC has the money and resources, but they think that the urban community is a lost cause. Urban Republicans should close their pocket books to suburbia and support inner-city Republican PACs that can do more to help Republicans who run in these districts.

Another hope is the Tea Party movement. It can create a  strategic team outside of the fearful California Republican Party, coming full-force from around the country to help out California. The Tea Party in California is weak. It needs support from the mid-west and east coast states to get these districts on the right path. Many of the locals are tired of Mad Maxx and her Area 51, Don't Ask Don't Tell leadership. God, could You send The National Tea Party to help us, please?

Focusing on Obama doesn't help when the local communities are being destroyed by decrepit local leadership. The RNC must begin put money into candidates of Black, Asian, Mexican, and other minority descent. They must become involved physically and monetarily with their communities and take an interest in these districts. The GOP can't afford to be scared, nor continue to kiss Waters' behind to keep her appeased. We need a team of urban Tea Party personnel, with money to burn, to get Maxine out of office. For years we've watched community businesses, local developers, and homeowners as their hands have been tied by Area 51 policies that have killed growth in these parts of Southern California. It must stop.

It's not Mad Maxx's fault. The real screw loose is in the collective brain of the CRP and RNC for thinking that people like Waters and Nancy Pelosi won't turn their districts into private fiefdoms. Sadly, it seems that the money leaders of the GOP do not have guts to go after the people who are hurting this country the most. If we target these leaders, then we can break the wheels off the Democratic machine and win the high ground. The CRP way has been to avoid putting money into a race again Waters, trying only to preserve the seats we already have. 

This defensive game keeps the CRP at a huge disadvantage. There are people who would love to get Waters and her kind out of office. They are tired of Area 51, please-don't-hurt-us polices. Now time for change has never been better.


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